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Business Web Site Packages

(Up to 5 Pages of Static HTML)...

The Business Web Site Package is designed for Organisations looking to deliver an effective online web presence, for all your products, services and activities. The service includes the design of up to 5 Pages of non dynamic html content, and includes the editing of images, logos and meta data required for a high impact corporate web presence. The Meta Data and Naming Conventions utilised in the design of your Web Site may also help to push your Web Site up the pecking order of the most popular search engines.


As well as outstanding design and training the service also includes Domain Registration, DNS and Email Setup, of up to 5 Mail boxes which may be accessed by a single user or multiple users. By working as a team we involve you through every aspect of the design and registration process, and provide basic training to show you how to update and change content on your website quickly and effectively.


These Web Packages provide organisations with cost effective setup and management of all the components required to provide a state of the art Business Web presence. The service includes the following components. All Web Pages are designed for optimal utilisation with Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. 



 Business Web Package up to 5 pages

 Service Description

 Domain Name Registration

 DNS Management

 Shared Web Server

 Static Web Page (up to 5 pages)

 Photo Capture (up to 9 Photos)

 Photo Editing (up to 9 Photos)


 Microsoft FrontPage Training

 5 Email Addresses

 9am-to-5pm Technical Support


Get Windows Media Player
Advanced ~ Web Components
Dynamic Web Design

At we can provide you with professional Intranet/Internet web design services, starting from flat HTML to Database driven dynamic content services, creating bespoke designs around your content, themes and images. Capture information in relation to your customers and end users through the utilisation of dynamic Microsoft Database design, Forms and Auto Email responders. These dynamic tools will allow you to get the correct information to the correct departments, whilst providing you with a powerful marketing tool, for email, direct mail and SMS Access to your customers. we can provide dynamic Registration Pages, Private User Areas that support authentication and Logon, Catalogues and dynamic Feed back forms to name but a few. Let the Web work for you and reduce cost today contact now...

Multimedia Video & Audio Solutions

The most effective way to get the information across to your audience or customer base is through communication and  what better way than Audio or Video


Listen Radio @ Ragga FM


Please Note: All Audio & Video Media are designed for optimised utilisation with Microsoft Windows Media Player. 


 Advanced Web Componets


 Web Site Changes

 Static Web Page

 Dynamic Web Page


 Database Setup

 Database Table


 Photo Capture

 Photo Editing


 Video Capture

 Video Editing


 Shopping Basket Service

 Paypal Service

 Merchant Service


 Web Site Reporting




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